Re: [ROOT] Divide pad problem

From: Olivier Couet (
Date: Tue Feb 24 2004 - 15:19:04 MET

 Hi Maxim,

 A possible solution to your problem is to specify the axis label size in 
pixels. To do that it is enough to set the axis label font to 63 (instead 
of 62) then the axis font size will not be a percentage of the canvas 
size, but an absolute size in pixels (points). I have attached the 
modified macro.

 Cheers,   Olivier

On Tue, 24 Feb 2004, Maxim Nikulin wrote:

> Hi,
> Olivier and Rene, the zones.C macro produces a plot with collapsed and 
> clipped labels. (ROOT-3.10/02, ROOT-4.00/02).
> Are there any way to get equal label font sizes when a canvas contains a 
> wide pad and a narrow one? I've attached the zones2.C macro to make the 
> problem more clear.

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