[ROOT] CINT and std::string, again

From: Justin Findlay (findlay@cosmic.utah.edu)
Date: Fri Feb 27 2004 - 02:35:38 MET

Somehow these must have gotten lost.  Any thoughts?

string operator+(const char*,const string&);
string operator+(const string&,const char*);


Linux 2.6.3-gentoo-r1
Version   4.00/02  26 February 2004

root [0] #include <string>
root [1]   using std::string;
root [2] string a = "a"
root [3] string b = a + "b"
Error: Ambiguous overload resolution (1000002,2) FILE:(tmpfile) LINE:1
Calling : operator+(string,char*);
Match rank: file     line  signature
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TString operator+(ULong_t,const TString&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TString operator+(Long_t,const TString&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TString operator+(char,const TString&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TString operator+(const TString&,ULong_t);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TString operator+(const TString&,Long_t);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TString operator+(const TString&,char);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TString operator+(const char*,const TString&);
*  1000002 (compiled)   0 TString operator+(const TString&,const char*);
   2000002 (compiled)   0 TString operator+(const TString&,const TString&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TTime operator+(const TTime&,const TTime&);
*  1000002 (compiled)   0 string operator+(const string&,const string&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TH3D operator+(TH3D&,TH3D&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TH3F operator+(TH3F&,TH3F&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TH3I operator+(TH3I&,TH3I&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TH3S operator+(TH3S&,TH3S&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TH3C operator+(TH3C&,TH3C&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TH2D operator+(TH2D&,TH2D&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TH2F operator+(TH2F&,TH2F&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TH2I operator+(TH2I&,TH2I&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TH2S operator+(TH2S&,TH2S&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TH2C operator+(TH2C&,TH2C&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TH1D operator+(const TH1D&,const TH1D&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TH1F operator+(const TH1F&,const TH1F&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TH1I operator+(const TH1I&,const TH1I&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TH1S operator+(const TH1S&,const TH1S&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TH1C operator+(const TH1C&,const TH1C&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TEventList operator+(const TEventList&,const TEventList&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TCut operator+(const TCut&,const TCut&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TCut operator+(const char*,const TCut&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TCut operator+(const TCut&,const char*);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TMatrixD operator+(const TMatrixDSym&,const TMatrixD&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TMatrixD operator+(const TMatrixD&,const TMatrixDSym&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TMatrixD operator+(const TMatrixD&,const TMatrixD&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TVectorD operator+(const TVectorD&,const TVectorD&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TMatrixDSym operator+(const TMatrixDSym&,const TMatrixDSym&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TVectorF operator+(const TVectorF&,const TVectorF&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TMatrixF operator+(const TMatrixFSym&,const TMatrixF&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TMatrixF operator+(const TMatrixF&,const TMatrixFSym&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TMatrixF operator+(const TMatrixF&,const TMatrixF&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 TMatrixFSym operator+(const TMatrixFSym&,const TMatrixFSym&);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 long double operator+(long double,long double);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 unsigned long long operator+(unsigned long long,unsigned long long);
  ffffffff (compiled)   0 long long operator+(long long,long long);
*** Interpreter error recovered ***

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