Re: [ROOT] Pruning TGeo geometries after building?

From: Andrei Gheata (
Date: Fri Feb 27 2004 - 20:25:50 MET

Hi Brett,

This is related to an old idea that we had on volume tracking attributes 
- as you are able to make volumes visible/invisible for visualization, 
to do the same related to tracking.  I knew the problem will pop-up 
sooner or later.
 The thing is not yet implemented, but now it requires at most a day to 
put in place - I will do this as soon as I will return from ROOT 
workshop. There is just one problem with that - you will not be able to 
prune one volume and having at the same time its daughters active for 
tracking - that would require much more work.
We need anyhow to implement the feature you are asking for since it 
would help during reconstruction where you generally want to work with a 
simplified geometry that can be navigated much faster than the original 
one. You can imagine for this purpose having the same geometry used 
during simulation, but having certain uninteresting branches inactive - 
in this way you will also solve the problem of having mismatching 
simulation/reconstruction geometries.

I will put the thing in and let you know,

Brett Viren wrote:

>I have a TGeo geometry written to a file.  It has many elements below
>a particular depth which I don't care about and which cause problems
>in tracking (I think due to overlaps).  Is it possible to prune these
>elements such that the geometry looks and acts as if they were never

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