From: cstrato (
Date: Sun Feb 29 2004 - 20:06:17 MET

Dear Brett

Could you tell me what you mean with "pseudo-C++"?

The great thing about ROOT/CINT is that you can write simple
and complex macros in (almost) full C++, and if you follow
the C++ standard, you can even compile them on the fly :-))
Compiling with ACLiC gives you the full speed of C++.

Personally, I do not need Python, Java or any other
scripting language, but prefer to write my macros in C++.

I create all my code as C++ macros first, sometimes more
than 10,000 LOC, and check my code with ACLiC. Why should
I use a scripting language which will not be able to
give me the execution speed that I need.

Nevertheless, I agree that for people used to do their
scripting in Python PyROOT would be a great addition.

Best regards
C.h.i.s.t.i.a.n S.t.r.a.t.o.w.a
V.i.e.n.n.a       A.u.s.t.r.i.a

Brett Viren wrote:

> Hi Rene,
> Personally, I would much rather write ROOT scripts in Python than
> pseudo-C++, so I hope this becomes a standard part of ROOT.
> -Brett.

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