Date: Mon Mar 01 2004 - 10:49:53 MET

Hi Brett,

> Personally, I would much rather write ROOT scripts in Python than
> pseudo-C++, so I hope this becomes a standard part of ROOT.

knowing how some people feel, I presume that with "pseudo-C++" you refer
to CINT. If so, please don't: there is no compiler that supports 100% of
the C++ standard and CINT is no exception. Further, CINT is constantly
improving and if there are specific short-comings that have bitten you in
the past, just report it and it will get fixed. Thank you!

> However, I couldn't get "Python from ROOT" to work.  Slide 10 of the
> talk shows the Python stuff being in namespace "Python" but I don't
> find that defined in v1.3.3.  Maybe this is a more recent development
> or implemented outside of the PyROOT area in SEAL?

The talk referred to PyROOT as current in the repository (PyROOT_0_4_0).
SEAL 1.3.3 is about 3 months behind current PyROOT.

> Also, I noticed that operator()() and operator[]() aren't mapped to
> Python's __getitem__ and __call__ respectively.  For example:

Yes, as explained in the talk, basic ROOT classes are not naturally
supported yet. The reason is that there are Python alternatives, so I
made a proper interface to the ROOT ones a lower priority (there are
some technical issues with TVector, TString, etc.).

But from your mail, I assume that people do care more about these classes
than I guessed, so I'll move them up in my to-do list.

Best regards,
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 a Higgs field and then things go wrong."   -- M. Veltman

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