Re: [ROOT] Different behaviour (i.e. Crash) of TString on Linux and Windows

From: Andreas Zoglauer (
Date: Thu Mar 04 2004 - 22:07:33 MET

Hello Valeri,

In CINT I get the same behavior.

Nevertheless compiling the code with Visual C++ 6 SP 3 gives no crash 
with cout<<(const char *)W<<endl; but still crashes with cout<<W<<endl;!!

Nevertheless, also CINT should give an output for cout<<W<<endl, 
shouldn't it?

It would be very helpful for my to find a solution for the problem, 
since I am trying to port a large program to Windows and unfortunatly I 
use this calls very, very often.


Valeri Fine wrote:
> It seems to me I have found the related topics:
> and 
> Anyway I was not able to reproduce the crash. 
> The only problem I found calling from CINT interactive session:
>     TString W = "Hello World";
>     cout<<W<<endl;               // there is no output
>     cout<<(const char *)W<<endl; // it is Ok
>     Hello World
 > ----
 > Best regards
 >                   Valeri


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