[ROOT] TVirtualGeoTrack, TObjArray not defined

From: LEE, KERRY T. (JSC-SR) (UHCL) (kerry.t.lee1@jsc.nasa.gov)
Date: Fri Mar 05 2004 - 07:49:03 MET

Hi Andrei,

I am using ROOT 4.00/02 and in when I try to use TVirtualGeoTrack the
compiler complained about TObjArray.  When looking at the TVirtualGeoTrack.h
code, there is an error in the include list.  Instead of

#ifndef ROOT_TObject   //Should be ROOT_TObjArray
#include "TObArray.h"  //missing a j

it should be

#ifbdef ROOT_TObjArray
#include "TObjArray.h"

After I changed these two things everything compiled fine.  I looked at
version 4.00/00 and 3.10/02 code and the bug exists there too.  Easy to miss
if TObjArray.h is included elsewhere.


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