Re: [ROOT] Different behaviour (i.e. Crash) of TString on Linux andWindows

From: Andreas Zoglauer (
Date: Fri Mar 05 2004 - 14:52:33 MET


Thanks for all of your suggestions
As you see I am using 5.15.123, that is the latest binary dsitribution 
from the website.
At the moment I have no possibility to recomplie ROOT:

When I try ACLIC, I get the crash at the same position as when I 
recompile it with Visual C++

Compiled for win32gdk.

CINT/ROOT C/C++ Interpreter version 5.15.123, Feb 9 2004
Type ? for help. Commands must be C++ statements.
Enclose multiple statements between { }.
root [0]
root [0] .x Macro.C+
Info in <TWinNTSystem::ACLiC>: creating shared library C:\Macro_C.dll
    Creating library C:\Macro_C.lib and object C:\Macro_C.exp
After this I get a crash:
Crash ??Error: C++ exception caught FILE: LINE:0
*** Interpreter error recovered ***

The macro was:

#include <Riostream.h>
#include "TString.h"
int Macro()
	TString W = "After this I get a crash:";
	cout<<(const char*) W<<endl;
	cout<<"Crash ??"<<W<<endl;  // <-- Crash
	cout<<"Bye bye"<<endl;
	return 0;

But if as Rene suggested a fix is in cvs, then I will wait until 
somebody compiles a new version ;-)

Thanks and Ciao,

Rene Brun wrote:
> Andreas,
> Please read the documentation in the Users Guide at pages 91,etc
> ACLIC is lengthly explained there.
> Rene Brun
> Andreas Zoglauer wrote:
>>Hi Philippe,
>>Can you give me any hints where I can get ACLiC? I assume it is a
>>special ROOT version, but google was not able to find a corresponding
>>Philippe Canal wrote:
>>>Hi Andreas,
>>>I can not reproduce this problem.

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