RE: [ROOT] Crash in TTree::GetListOfBranches

From: Philippe Canal (
Date: Tue Mar 09 2004 - 21:40:30 MET

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for reporting this problem.

The CVS repository will be updated shortly with code that handle 
more elegantly the case where one of the element of the chain
points to a not reachable tree.

Besides avoid the crash you encountered, the code will be updated
to allow the correct usage of the chain by counting the 'missing'
tree as an empty tree.


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Subject: [ROOT] Crash in TTree::GetListOfBranches

Dear rooters,

running the attached macro with the attached file results in a crash. 
Please don't tell me, that this is due to a corrupt file - I know that 
the file is corrupt. Is there any chance to ignore the corrupt file 
instead of letting it produce a seg-fault?

Thanks in advance,

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