[ROOT] echo mouse click events on CINT command line?

From: Jianglai Liu (jianglai@jlab.org)
Date: Thu Mar 11 2004 - 22:54:37 MET

Dear Rooters,

This is a very dump question. Is there an easy way to set up ROOT to
display the actual commands that being launched by any mouse click, like
in TBrowser if I hit the leaf of a tree, it displays
"tree->Draw("leaf")" on the command line of a CINT? I've seen people using
ROOT with this feature, but they couldn't tell what was the magic. I tried
to look into .rootrc file to see whether there's any obvious flag that I
could set, with no suscess. I am using ROOT 3.05/07 with gcc 3.0.4 on a
RH9 box. 

Thanks in advance!

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