[ROOT] Discounted Prices for Extended Auto Coverage

From: Antwan Herrington (AntwanHerrington@examination.freeserve.co.uk)
Date: Mon Jul 01 2002 - 12:19:17 MEST

Save money on your Auto Warranty

Save-up to 60% on Extended Warranty Coverage for your Vehichle!
Fair prices and prompt, toll-free claims service.  
* 24-Hour Roadside Assistance
* Car Rental Benefits
* Trip Interruption Benefits
* Extended Towing Benefits 
Did you Know? 
Most dealerships purchase their extended warranties from 
third party sources.
By going directly to one of those sources, you can save 
yourself hundreds of dollars for the same or even better 
extended warranty coverage. 
Car troubles never happen when it's convenient for you!  
Protect your vehicle and yourself from large, budget 
busting repair bills with a quality Extended Warranty 
for your Car, Truck, Van or S.U.V. 
If you feel that you are receiving this email in 
error or would like to modify your future preferences, 
please visit:

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