[ROOT] Question about existance of ROOT without X-connection

From: Alexandre Sadovski (1209) (a.sadovski@fz-rossendorf.de)
Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 16:03:06 MET

Dear ROOT-ers!

sometimes it is so nice to have an application running on a remote
computer, completely without any graphical interaction with
some other PC (for example at home). So that X-connection is
even dont have to be esatblished..!. 

I know how to disable splash window of ROOT (root -l -b batch.C), 
but even if I call "root -l -b" or "root.exe batch.C"
it looks that ROOT requeres an X-connection to start.

Can one disable that by some method?? I mean can I run root 
without any X-connection (just for simple things)?

Sorry for somehow not very high-end question,

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