[ROOT] GetDataMemberOffset error and TClonesArray

From: Heather Kelly (heather@lheapop.gsfc.nasa.gov)
Date: Tue Mar 23 2004 - 08:38:48 MET


I'm using Root 3.10.02 on RedHat 9.

I see a previous thread that is related to my own troubles, which was 
apparently fixed back in July 2003:

Currently I am seeing similar behavior:
root [2] TFile f("check.root","RECREATE")
root [3] TTree *t = new TTree("myTree", "test")
root [4] DigiEvent *evt = new DigiEvent();
root [5] t->Branch("DigiEvent", "DigiEvent", &evt, 64000, 99)
Error in <TBranchElement::GetDataMemberOffset>: obsolete call with 
(class TBranch*)0x880db40

That call to TBranchElement::GetDataMemberOffset("CalDigi", "m_calDigiCol") 
fails, since there is no m_calDigiCloneCol data member in the CalDigi class 
- rather it is a data member of the main data object, 
DigiEvent.  m_calDigiCloneCol is a TClonesArray of CalDigi objects.

This same call to create a branch succeeds just fine when the split level 
is set to 1.

Has this really been fixed?


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