[ROOT] setting the include path

From: Nicolas Arnaud (narnaud@lal.in2p3.fr)
Date: Tue Mar 23 2004 - 18:26:56 MET

Hi rooters,

I'm trying to set my include path as referenced in the chapter 6 of the ROOT manual. 
Below is shown the result of some commands:

root [0] .include
include path: -I/root/include
root [1] gSystem->SetIncludePath( " -I/home/narnaud/RooFit/ " );
root [2] .include
include path: -I/root/include
root [3] .include /home/narnaud/RooFit/
root [4] .include
include path: -I/root/include -I/home/narnaud/RooFit/

Why doesn't the [1] command work while [3] does -- the include path is only modified in 
the second case?

Thanks in advance,


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