[ROOT] problems with "eps"

From: Marek Kowalski (Marek.Kowalski@cern.ch)
Date: Thu Mar 25 2004 - 09:19:44 MET

I include 2 plots, one "gif" and one "eps". As you can see, the "hatch" does 
not appear on the "eps" file, while the "gif" is O.K. On the screen 
everything is fine. I also include "canvas.root". My root is 3-10-02.
Any idea?
Marek Kowalski
Info from the creation:

Info in <TCanvas::Print>: PostScript file 
/home/kowalski/alice/kinks/results/test.eps has been created

Info in <TCanvas::Print>: GIF file /home/kowalski/alice/kinks/results/test.gif 
has been created

Info in <TCanvas::Print>: ROOT file c.root has been created


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