[ROOT] Gradient Palette when drawing 2D histograms with "col" option

From: ANCIANT E. (eric.anciant@sodern.fr)
Date: Thu Mar 25 2004 - 14:19:34 MET

Hello rooters,

I have two questions concerning drawing 2D histograms using "col"
option, and a gradient palette.

It is illustrated by the macro below, when executing that macro :

1) Biny = 30, binx = 28,29  appear black, while they should be white,
this seems to be a bug.

2) I raise again the issue of drawing or not "content = 0.0" bins with
the "col" option. This issue has already been addressed in:


Yet, I don't understand the motivation of the given answer: NOT-drawing
bins with content = 0.0
(which can be seen in the source code line :
         if (z == 0) continue; // do not draw the empty bins
in : void THistPainter::PaintColorLevels(Option_t *)      )

This choice would make sense if histograms were filled only with
positive values, and if THistPainter::PaintColorLevels were used only by
this type
of histogram.

However bin's contents can be set, or filled, with negative values.
Moreover, THistPainter::PaintColorLevels method is also used to draw
other classes like TMatrix, for which the notion of "filling histogram
bins" has completely disappeared.

With the current choice, an histogram / mattrix whose content varies
from positive to negative values, with accidentally strict-zero values
is not drawn the right way (to my own opinion) as I tried to illustrate
by the macro below.




	/* USER PALETTE ************************/
	TColor *color;
	Int_t palette[50];
	int i,j;
	double Wcol;

	for (i=0;i<50;i++) {
		Wcol = Float_t(i)/49;
	    color = new TColor(501+i,Wcol,Wcol,Wcol,"");
		palette[i] = 501+i;

	/* Histogram with an iregular ramp from negative to positive
values */
	int i,j;
	TH2F h("h","h",30,0,30,30,0,30);

	double col = -15;
	for (j =0;j<5;j++) {
		for (i=0;i<30;i++) {
			col += 0.1;

// line j = 5 is left to 0's

	for (j =6;j<30;j++) {
		for (i=0;i<30;i++) {
			col += 0.1;
		col += 20;


	// this could be a workarround if the minimum value
	// in the histogram were 0's
	// but for minimum != 0, the patch becomes
	// strainiously complex

	TFrame* frame = (TFrame*)gPad->FindObject("TFrame");


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