Re: [ROOT] root dictionaries in .NET

From: Axel Naumann (
Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 17:04:35 MEST

Hi John,

> So you think I can address my TMatrixQ problems with dictionary work 
> only, and without making an "export library"?  

If I understand your project & read your output logs correctly, and 
assuming that Philippe is right as always: yes. Make sure to link in 
your dictionary objects. Example (not real command lines, it's only 
meant to illustrate what's happening when you press the "build" button):

compile MyClass.cpp -o MyClass.o
rootcint MyClass.hpp -o MyClass_dict.{hpp,cpp}
compile MyClass_dict.cpp -o MyClass_dict.o

link -o mylib.dll MyClass.o -lrootlibs...

will give you the problem you describe as the dictionary 
(MyClass_dict.o) is not linked in, i.e. the last line should be:

link -o mylib.dll MyClass.o MyClass_dict.o -lrootlibs...


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