Re: [ROOT] root dictionaries in .NET

From: Dr. John Krane (
Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 21:30:21 MEST

Hi Eddy,

>1) Did you introduce long double because your 
>   algorithms need a higher accuracy ?
I introduced them because I demanded highest accuracy from the start, 
not because I had proof Double_t wasn't enough.

>   If so,
>    a. That is extremely worrisome, have a look at
>       "Accuracy and Stability of Numerical
>       by Nicholas Higham
>    b. Actually do not , there is money to be made 
>       from your algorithms :)
Not if I can never finish.  In that case all I will reap is 
unemployment.  But the Windows results are *really* different and 
non-sensical, so I can't just push ahead.

>2) Are you seeing differences between Windows and
>   linux using TMatrix . That should not be the case.
I made my 'port to Windows, omitting the TMatrixQ because of statments 
like yours.  Now I see differences.  All the rest of the code is as 
close to the same as possible.  Once I finish implementing I will see if 
the results are then the same.  If so, that will be the example you 
want, but it's proprietary and I can't provide it.  If it is still not 
the same, then I'll look elsewhere. 

In the event I can finger the accuracy as a source of my problem, I'm 
sure I can put together a public example that highlights the problem.  
But not today.

    - J


Dr. John Krane

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