[ROOT] TObject inheritance and assignment operator

From: John Pretz (pretz@umdgrb.umd.edu)
Date: Mon Apr 05 2004 - 18:13:34 MEST


I'm encountering a funny bug with Root and assignment operators.

I try to use the default assignment operator that the compiler generates 
and it works _if_ the object _doesn't_ inherit from TObject.  When I use 
operator= with an object that _does_ inherit from TObject, the data in the
'copied-to' object is zero.

This is a problem just in the interpreter.  Compiled code works fine.

Please seen the attached tarball.  'make' will compile the code and run 
the examples.  

I'm using ROOT 3.10.02 on a RedHat 9 machine.

Thanks for looking!


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