[ROOT] How to separate tree friends

From: cstrato (cstrato@aon.at)
Date: Mon Apr 12 2004 - 23:31:21 MEST

Dear Rooters

Suppose that I have a tree with following friends:
    fTree = (TTree*)gDirectory->Get("Tree1");
    fTree->AddFriend("Tree2", "file2.root");
    fTree->AddFriend("Tree3", "file3.root");
    fTree->AddFriend("TreeA", "fileA.root");
    fTree->AddFriend("Tree4", "file4.root");
    fTree->AddFriend("TreeB", "fileB.root");
    fTree->AddFriend("TreeC", "fileC.root");

How can I separate fTree into the following two treefriends:
1, fTree("Tree1") with friends Tree2, Tree3, Tree4
2, aTree("TreeA") with friends TreeB, TreeC

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards
C.h.r.i.s.t.i.a.n. .S.t.r.a.t.o.w.a
V.i.e.n.n.a.         .A.u.s.t.r.i.a

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