[ROOT] How to display the fitted parameter of TH1?

From: Datao Gong (dtgong@physics.umn.edu)
Date: Tue Apr 13 2004 - 16:37:30 MEST

Hi, ROOTers,
It is very convenient to save histogram to a root files. When i fit a
histogram , i hope to save the fitted parameters with histograms.
histogram->Write() does not work. It save the histogram with statitisc
box and the fitted curve, but there is no fitted parameter box.
Actually if i set stytle wuth gStyle->SetOptFit(111), the fitted
parameter box appear.

I also saved the TF1 object, but i do not know how to display the
parameter box of TF1. tf1->Draw() only draw a curve.

Anyone can help me about that?


Gong Datao

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