RE: [ROOT] VC++ compiler available for free from MS...

From: Valeri Fine (
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 17:41:05 MEST

> For the people using Windows, the VC++ command line version of the
> compiler is now freely available from MS, this is exactly what we use
> when we build ROOT on Windows:

  I would like to call your attention to the very last paragraph of the
Web page mentioned above.

It says, 
" . . .
You might decide you want to augment the Toolkit with additional free
tools from Microsoft, including the Platform SDK, or the .NET Framework
 . . ."

In other words that kit can be used to build the WIN32 Console
application only. One can NOT use it to re-build ROOT.

On the other hand as soon as you have downloaded the ROOT binaries for
Windows that kit should be sufficient to customize the ROOT framework
with your "non-gui" classes (for example to speed up your RootCint
macros with ACLiC facility). I.e. your class can not call directly any
Win32. (Your RootCint macro can not do that either)
I assume the users on this list are interesting in the cross platform
and do not want calling any Win32 API directly

  Hope this helps,
                            -- Valeri Fine (

> -- Fons
> PS: MS always made a "standard" compiler available for free but that
>     one did not include the optimizer so it was basically useless.
>     Now the optimizer is included.
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