Re: [ROOT] porting root to freebsd5, problems

From: Jiri Masik (
Date: Tue Apr 20 2004 - 00:58:38 MEST

Radim Kolar <> writes:

> I am porting root to freebsd5. Where can i send patches and my run and
> compile problems?
> summary of port problems:
> 1.
>  heimdal kerberos 0.6 (included in freebsd base system) do not works due to compile errors (some field has different names). Anybody got heimdal working? Are there plans to add #ifdef MITKERBEROS?


I expect there should be something like krb5 API so adding
MITKERBEROS/HEIMDAL code should not be necessary and it would be
better to rewrite the Root code to use the intended interface. 

> 3.  
>  ISO-LATIN-2 characters do not works in labels on dial boxes. Should
> they work?

What I find more important and what I could not figure
out when I looked into this some time ago was how to get non
iso-latin-1 characters into PostScript output.


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