[ROOT] string in a loop

From: Perfetto Francesco (Francesco.Perfetto@na.infn.it)
Date: Mon Apr 26 2004 - 19:11:15 MEST

Hi All,

I have the following problem:
I have to do many slice of a bidimensional histogram, and I would like to
call it "Slice_1", "Slice_2", ..., etc. etc.

I make this in my script:

TFile *f1 = new TFile("MC.root");
TFile *f2 = new TFile("proiezioni_MC_30x70.root","RECREATE");
TTree *t = (TTree*)f1->Get("res");
TH2D *Slice = new TH2D("Slice","Slice",30,0,1,70,-1,2);


for(Int_t i=1;i<31;i++)



But I haven't that I want.
Infact all Slice are named Slice_i.
Can anyone help me?


I use RedHat 9.0 with root 4.00/03

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