[ROOT] Making a chain from a file list.

From: Drew Alton (dalton@fnal.gov)
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 11:58:33 MEST

   I am running over a large number of root-tuples and skimming out the
events I want to keep.
   Given the number of files and events I have I want to keep some
   My general plan is to chain a list of files from the same data set,
use MakeClass to make a class, which will skim out the ones of interest
to me.  Then repeat it for each data set.  Since all the data sets have
the same format, the same make class could be used, except that the .h
file will have the wrong list of root tuples.  In the past I've just 
changed this by hand, but it occures to me that it ought to be possible
at run time to read a file which contains the list of files to chain
   Has anyone ever done this...have any examples?
   Thanks for the help.

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