Re: [ROOT] TH1::SetDrawOption

From: Rene Brun (
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 14:01:40 MEST

Hi Dmitry,

I suspect that you click in the browser pane on myhist;1. This is the version
that is always taken from the disk file. So calling SetDrawoption will have no
effect. You have to import the object in memory and set the option on this
It is a bit tricky to do this from the browser: click on "myhist;1" first,
then go the left pane, double click on "ROOT files" and again on the file name,
Then select SetDrawOption on the object "myhist" and not "myhist;1
You can do it also from the command line.

Rene Brun

"Dmitry A. Shtol" wrote:
> Hi!
> I set histogram draw option by TH1::SetDrawOption("....."); (option is
> "hist e", for example). But when I draw histogram by TH1::Draw() (or by click
> in browser), option is not used and after drawing TH1::GetDrawOption()
> returns "". Why? What should I do to draw histogram
> through the browser with option what I need ?
> ==============================================================
> Dmitry A. Shtol                        (SND group)
> Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics

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