[ROOT] Writing Matrix to TTree

From: Alessio Sarti (Alessio.Sarti@lnf.infn.it)
Date: Fri Apr 30 2004 - 12:24:53 MEST

Hi all,
I'm trying to understand if it is possible, in root, to write a matrix to
a Tree. 
Let's say: I have a matrix filled per event and I'd like to have it dumped
in the Tree via the Fill method.
This is because the matrix has lots of variables that have similar meaning
and having them packed up in a per event matrix would save a lot of
variables copy-paste and would enlarge the flexibility of the code.
So, instead of

Int_t ADC1[100];
Int_t ADC2[100];
Int_t ADC100[100];

I'd like to have
Int_t ADC[100][100];

Is that possible?

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