[ROOT] Username always asked by rootd

From: Birger Koblitz (Birger.Koblitz@cern.ch)
Date: Tue May 04 2004 - 10:27:35 MEST

Hi Fons,
I am using the following script to do a test-transmssion via rootd:
// Macro to test ftp via rootd
  TFTP service("roots://koblitz@lxn5222:5151");
  if(! service.IsOpen())
    exit 0;
//  service.ListDirectory();
  service.get("//pool/koblitz/dstarmb.root", "/tmp/dstar.root");
The authentication is done via ssh which uses the CERN-AFS-token to login 
automatically, this works. The problem is, that I have to always confirm 
my user-name:
root [0] .x rftp.C 
Name (lxn5222.cern.ch:koblitz): 
Error in <TAuthenticate::Authenticate>: no support for SRP authentication 
<TFTP::GetFile>: getting file /tmp/dstar.root (21330730 bytes, starting at 
<TFTP::GetFile>: 31.840 seconds, 0.64 Mbytes per second

What am I doing wrong, or is that a 'feature'?
Of course, if you want to do a lot of automatic transfers, this is not 
really nice...


Birger Koblitz                  +41 22 767-3318
CERN IT                         2-1-046

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