[ROOT] Unknown Root Variables

From: Sudeep Chatterji (Sudeep.Chatterji@cern.ch)
Date: Thu May 06 2004 - 13:20:27 MEST

Hi Rooters,
       We are getting a root file "Egamma.root" from a ntpl file we are using to generate Prompt photon events. In this Ntpl file we are applying PT cut on Photons namely PT>20 GeV. However in the root file we are getting photonPSCPT(nmpc) (PT from supercluster energy) less than 10 GeV. We really don't know what's the reason. Also I would like to know what the following root variables signify:
1) pho.Ppho.fp.fX
2) pho.Ppho.fp.fY
3) pho.Ppho.fp.fZ
4) pho.Ppho.fE
With regards,

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