Re: [ROOT] Versioning and kOverwrite

From: Rene Brun (
Date: Thu May 06 2004 - 18:04:28 MEST

Hi Guido,

Thanks for reporting this problem that is now fixed in CVS.

In your case, instead of your statement
you can do, eg
  const char* name = rootInquire->getName().c_str();
  delete gDirectory->GetKey(name);

Rene Brun

Guido Gagliardi wrote:
> Hi all,
> i am using the key versioning of  objects in TFile. I would like to
> replace objects written with a definite cycle using kOverwrite, like this:
>     rootInquire->Write(rootInquire->getName().c_str(),TObject::kOverwrite);
> Where rootInquire->getName().c_str() returns something like:
> "application;1" or "application;2"
> Everyithing is working fine when the cycle number is 1 and there is only
> one iteration of the object in the TFile, and i got my object in TFile
> replaced as desired. If the number of iterations present in the TFile is
> two, i get this behavior:
> before the overwriting of object of cycle 1, in the directory:
> application;1
> application;2
> after the overwriting:
> application;2
> application;3
> That is, the key cycle 1 is deleted, but the object is written with key
> cycle 3 (which is, i think, the expected behavior for the kOverwrite
> option in the method Write())
> Since the key cycles gymnic is mandatory for my project, i have to
> obtain the desired behavior. How can i do that, even not using the
> kOverwrite option and instead using lower level instructions?
> Many thanks,
> Guido Gagliardi

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