[ROOT] TGeant3::ggperp()

From: Yuri Kharlov (Yuri.Kharlov@cern.ch)
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 18:26:57 MEST

Dear rooters,

I am working now with the optical photon reflection in VMC with TGeant3. 
For the reflection, the normal to the reflecting surface is calculated 
by TGeant3::ggperp() which delegates this calculation to 
TGeoManager::FindNormalFast(). Apparently, this function returns the 
normal always (0,1,0) whatever the surface it is. In the comments to 
TGeant3.cxx it is written that before 2003/12/10 the normal was 
calculated via TGeoManager::FindNormal(). Returning to this old version 
gives more correct normal (I cannot say that is is absolutely correct, 
but it is better that (0,1,0)). Any clue?

Yuri Kharlov.

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