[ROOT] profile layout questions

From: daan (hubert@hep.iihe.ac.be)
Date: Fri May 14 2004 - 20:41:25 MEST


I have 2 questions regarding TProfile2D histograms.

1. I predefined my y-bins myself. Some of these y-bins are very narrow,
   compared to others, which results in a plot with these bins that are
   almost impossible to see.
   Is it not possible to make a Y-axis with instead of the "real" valuse,
   the "bin numbers"? This would allow me to see bins that have very
   narrow widths on a "normal scaled axis".

2. How can I define a range for the colorlevel in the TProfile2D? I mean,
   I want to compare the Z-values for 2 different datasets, and this would
   be much easier if I could make the Z-axis scale (the colorlevel) the
   same for both of them.



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