Re: [ROOT] Templated constructors and assigment operators of template class

From: Troy D. Straszheim (
Date: Tue May 18 2004 - 18:52:24 MEST

Hi roottalk-

I am unable to instrument a templated constructor in a *template*
class, and I am unable to instrument functions and/or operators that
return a reference to an object of that classes' type, unless that
reference is hidden in a typedef.

For instance:

template <class T>
class A {

  template <class U>
    A(const U&); // rootcint doesnt find this

  typedef A& reference;

  template <class U>
  reference operator=(const U&); // rootcint finds this version ok

  template <class U>
  A& operator=(const U&);  // it can't find this version


Thanks for any hints you might have,

Troy Straszheim

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