[ROOT] TEventList and TTree->Draw()

From: Alberto Pulvirenti (alberto.pulvirenti@ct.infn.it)
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 09:35:25 MEST


I need to manage a TTree object which contains a unique branch, which is
in the form of a class that does not inherit from TObject.
Is is created this way:


// Tree declaration
t_data = new TTree("t_data","data tree");

// autosave when 100 MB written

// Data objects for the tree
branchData = new branch();
branchNoisyPixels = new branchCoordinates();

t_branchData = t_data->Branch ("branchData", branchData,


Now, when I open the file which contains it and I try to draw a member
via clicking on its name in a TBrowser, I get no plots.
Moreover, if I try to use the TTree->Draw() method from the ROOT prompt,
I get no plots.
I made also a trial to use TEventList:

TCut cut_ev = Form("eventNumber < %d", evMax);
TCut cut_p1 = Form("plane == %d", plane1);
TCut cut_p2 = Form("plane == %d", plane2);
t_branch->Draw(">>list1", cut_ev && cut_p1);
TEventList *list1 = (TEventList*)gDirectory->Get("list1");
t_branch->Draw(">>list2", cut_ev && cut_p2);
TEventList *list2 = (TEventList*)gDirectory->Get("list2");
Int_t N1 = list1->GetN();
Int_t N2 = list2->GetN();
cout << "Entries in the given planes: " << N1 << " , " << N2 << endl;

and in this case I get an error message which tells me that the object
"list1" and "list2" are 0x0 pointers.

Is there some techique to deal with these data?


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