[ROOT] Class compilation

From: Alberto Pulvirenti (alberto.pulvirenti@ct.infn.it)
Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 12:21:25 MEST

Dear all,

after that I tried to understand the procedure in the ROOT guid and the
website, then I turned to the ML because I do not manage to understand
how to do this.

My problem is the following. 
I would like to compile a class I created, as a shared library to be
loaded by ROOT.

I have followed the instructions in the ROOT guide at pages 259-260, and
then I turned to step 4 which is simply: "make with the makefile".
But I did not understand how this make file must be written in order to
generate a .so library.

I have tried to adapt the Makefile which is in $ROOTSYS/test, but is
does not work.

I attached it to the email.
For you to understand, the class I have created is called clsPoint.h
(and clsPoint.cxx is the implementation file), and I want only to create
a shared library with the definitions of this class (i will add some
other classes further, when I will manage to have a working makefile). 
The makefile I attached is made after renaming the "Event" class which
appeared in the example with my class.

I hope in your help. Thanks,


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