[ROOT] TH1D, getmean, getRMS, getMinimum...

From: Bernd Reinhold (Bernd.Reinhold@cern.ch)
Date: Wed Jun 02 2004 - 19:09:12 MEST


Is there a way to get the following information from the histogram? (TH1D as
input to the function (as reference), and as output the following infos:)

mean, RMS, entries do work - that works with h1.GetMean(), h1.GetRMS,
minimum - I tried GetMinimum(), however this didn't work as expected. I want
to have the minimum entry in the histogram, that is bigger than xmin.
maximum - didn't work as expected, either...
xmin, xmax, numberofbins (the last three parameters in the TH1D-constructor)

thank you for your help, Bernd.

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