[ROOT] TGeoNode & TVirtualMC

From: Susan Kasahara (schubert@hep.umn.edu)
Date: Sat Jun 05 2004 - 16:22:06 MEST

Hi roottalk,
I would like to write a class that inherits from TGeoNode and
place nodes of this derived class in my constructed geometry
volumes.  I'm having trouble in that there is no TGeoVolume::AddNode
method to support adding a preexisting node to a volume, e.g.
there is no AddNode method of the form:
  TGeoVolume::AddNode(const TGeoNode* node)
I'm wondering if  its possible to add support for this.
    My second request is that I'd like to have the TVirtualMC methods
which configure the MC:
 virtual void     SetCut(const char* cutName, Double_t cutValue) = 0;
 virtual void     SetProcess(const char* flagName, Int_t flagValue) = 0;
return a value which indicates a success or failure for the setting
of the requested flag/cut.  This would allow the caller to take
appropriate action if there is failure.
Thanks for your help,

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