Re: [ROOT] WARNING: Plan to drop support for several platforms

From: Fons Rademakers (
Date: Mon Jun 07 2004 - 13:41:38 MEST

Just a small addition concerning HP-UX and aCC. The problem is that at
CERN we have only access to the very old and non standard C++ compliant
HP-UX 10.20 version of aCC. Modern versions of aCC on HP-UX >=11 will
probably work without too many problems but as long as we don't have
access to such a platform we can not guarantee the portability of ROOT
to HP-UX >= 11. Anybody with such a platform who wants ROOT should lets
us know and provide us with access.

Cheers, Fons.

On Mon, 2004-06-07 at 06:24, Rene Brun wrote:
> Dear Rooters,
> In order to improve our support for new platforms, we are planning
> to drop support for old OS/compilers. From our FTP distribution site,
> we still see several imports from the following versions, but it looks
> like people importing these files are just mirroring our site.
> The binary versions that we are planning to drop are:
>   -AIX.5.tar.gz
>   -HP-UX.B.10.20.aCC.tar.gz
>   -IRIX.6.5.gcc.tar.gz
>   -IRIX.6.5.kcc.tar.gz
>   -Linux.RH6.1.gcc2952.tar.gz
>   -OSF1.V4.0.cxx6.tar.gz
>   -OSF1.V4.0.tar.gz
>   -SunOS.5.7.tar.gz
> In addition, we would like to drop support at the source level
> for the HP-UX/aCC compiler, the egcs compilers and MS/VC++6.
> Please, let us know as soon as possible, if you are still
> using these binary files or compiling from source for aCC, egcs
> compilers or MS/VC++6.
> In case you are still using these old systems/compilers, could you
> tell us when you are planning to move away from these systems.
> Note also that under Windows, we will drop support for the win32
> version, supporting only win32gdk and win32gcc.
> Rene Brun
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