[ROOT] getting mouse events on ROOT

From: Stilianos Kesisoglou (kesisogl@fnal.gov)
Date: Thu Jun 10 2004 - 23:45:41 MEST


	I want to make a small macro that gets the x,y coordinates
	for a set of points on my pad when I click on them sequentially.

	I've tried something like:

	Float_t ptsX[3], ptsY[3];
	TMarker *mark[3];
	for (Int_t iM=0;iM<3;iM++)
		mark[iM] =
		ptsX[iM]  = mark[iM]->GetX();
		ptsY[iM] = mark[iM]->GetY();

	but doesn't work. It gets the first point correctly but then
proceeds and 
	sets all the other points like the first one (a printout shows

	Any suggestions? 


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