RE: [ROOT] Problems with windows version

From: Valeri Fine (
Date: Mon Jun 14 2004 - 22:17:59 MEST

> Hi Rooters,
> I forgot about just another annoying feature I encoutered with the
> version. Once a script is loaded and at some point the execution
> root does not leave the script so it becomes impossible to access that
> script for writing purpose anymore. 

It is not ROOT feature. It is a feature of Windows file system. If some
file is OPEN somewhere it can NOT be re-open again to WRITE unless it is

I am afraid to do what you want ROOT will have to open and close the
file after each line it reads in.

Just my 2 cents :-(


> This makes the user having to quit his
> root session before he can correct his mistake. I did not have such
> problems with the Linux versions.
> Thanks a lot,
> Martijn
> >Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 18:44:10 +0200
> >To:
> >From: Martijn Schellekens <>
> >Subject: [ROOT] Problems with windows version
> >
> >Hi Rooters,
> >
> >I'm experiencing difficulties with the gSystem->SetBuildDir()
> >under windows 2000.
> >Versions tried have been both 4.00/06a and 3.10/02. My files simply
> >compile as root can not find its own created header files back.
> >(command used was an absolute path:
gSystem->SetBuildDir("c:/Root/Mlib") )
> >
> >In terms of other annoying features in the windows version: sometimes
> >something goes wrong with the displaying of the compiler messages
> >the terminal. Those become simply unreadable. Windows version is the
> >french version of 2000.
> >I have by that way a question for the windows users: are there any
> >windows terminal emulators than those provided by the base operating
> >
> >Last and also the least: Xinerama doesn't seem to be supported in the
> >librairy for windows (I only checked this for the windows version).
> >if I open a ComboBox on a second screen, it will open this combobox
on my
> >main screen. I dont really care about this but I just wanted to
notify it.
> >
> >Thanks a lot anyway for the job done,
> >
> >Martijn Schellekens
> >
> >PS: Rene, I did get your reply to my question on recursive fits from
> >website. I filled in the request form with a wrong adress.
> >I thank you very much.

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