[ROOT] TGeant3 doesn't compile with new ROOT, Patch attached

From: Christian Holm Christensen (cholm@nbi.dk)
Date: Sun Jun 20 2004 - 20:01:36 MEST

Hi all,

The signatures of some of the member functions in TVirtualMC has changed
from returning `Bool_t' to `void', causing failure to compile the
TGeant3.  Here's a patch that fixes the problem. 

The patch is called `geant3-fix.patch'

In an effort to make various software build nicer, I have done a
conversion from the hand-crafted build system of TGeant3 to use
Autotools.  It's still a `flat' Makefile (that is, no nested makes, as
some find them offensive).  This has several advantages over the
handcrafted build system:

      * More robust: Autotools is used by the OpenSource/Free Software
        community at large, and is therefor extensively tested.
      * The build sequence is what you expect: 

	  make install 

      * No need to set various environment variables to get things to
      * Better integration with ROOT. 

I also added the code for the missing VMC examples, as well as a script
called `geant321-config' (similar to root-config), and a Autoconf macro
called `AC_PATH_GEANT321' in the file `geant321.m4' to easily use the
the library in third-party projects. 

The patch is called `geant3-at.patch'

If you apply the patch, the old build system is still there.  Only you
have to run make as 

  make -f Makefile.orig 1

Please refer to the README file. 


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