Re: [ROOT] TTRap

From: Andrei Gheata (
Date: Fri Jun 25 2004 - 09:01:02 MEST

Hi Karoly,

Phi and theta are the angles (azimutal/polar) of the axis that passes 
through the "centers" of the trapezoid Z faces. If theta is zero this 
axis is parallel with the Z axis no matter what phi is. To tilt your 
trapezoid you have to define theta>0. You have more freedom in defining 
such a shape by using TGeoArb8 instead (you can define one-by-one all 
vertices - see /geom/src/TGeoArb8.cxx)


Makonyi Karoly wrote:

>I tried to define a TTRAP shape with not zero "phi".
>If the theta is zero it is no matter what is the phi it doesn't tilt the
>shape. And I need a tilted TTRAP shape ...
>What is the solution?

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