Re: [ROOT] Plotting feature with ROOT v4.00.06a?

From: Olivier Couet (
Date: Mon Jun 28 2004 - 13:45:21 MEST

Hi Daniel,

 The plot I get with your macro is correct. With the previous ROOT's 
versions we got extra blue boxes within a red area (these boxes must be 
red too). But now with the latest ROOT version it is fine (some fixes have 
been done). Now, with your example, one gets only two blue boxes within a 
green region. This is correct because these two bins are not empty. Empty 
bins are not drawn with option "col". The fixes I am referring to are:

revision 1.168
date: 2004/03/25 18:09:11;
- Two improvements in PaintColorLevels:
  1) Because of rounding errors, it may happened that a cell's color was
     outside the palette even for a z value smaller than the maximum.
  2) The bins with zero content are not painted only if the minimum of the
     histogram isn't negative.

 Cheers,        Olivier

On Mon, 28 Jun 2004, daniel cussol wrote:

> Hello happy rooters,
>  I have transfered all my analyses programs under ROOT v4.00.06a under 
> RedHat v9. Congratulations for the new version and the new editor. I 
> have however a small problem when I try to plot 2D histograms with the 
> "col" option in a TPad with the logz option activated, and the color 
> palette set with the gStyle->SetPalette(1) command: empty cells are 
> always plotted in blue! This was not the case with the 3.10.02 version 
> and is quite annoying since a large part of my plotting procedure use 
> these options. Could empty cells be white in whatever the status of the 
> Logz option on the curreent TPad, as for previous ROOT V3 versions? I 
> have joint to this message a small procedure which illustrates the 
> present message.
>  Friendly

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