[ROOT] RE: ROOT macro cannot be found

From: Philippe Canal (pcanal@fnal.gov)
Date: Mon Jun 28 2004 - 18:38:54 MEST

Hi Stilianos,

Did you first try running your example macro independently of your sheel script?

The .L command can only be run at the prompt (or via gROOT->ProcessLine).

The content of a script needs to be proper C++ (+ a few CINT extensions).


PS. If you use 
     #!/bin/bash -x
at the start of your shell script, you'll be able to see what it really does.
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Subject: ROOT macro cannot be found

        I am having a small problem running the following shell script that invokes ROOT: 
....    some preliminary stuff here 
exec $ROOTSYS/bin/root cat<<ROOTSCRIPT 
        .L myROOTmacro.C 
        myROOTmacro( ... some args ... ) 
        ROOT compain that it can't find the macro in the default path for ROOT macros. 
        What I don't understand is why ROOT look at this location. The macro resides in the same 
        directory that the shell script does, shouldn't be the first place to look there? 

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