[ROOT] Simple ntuple problem

From: amccormi@uiuc.edu
Date: Wed Jun 30 2004 - 20:33:44 MEST

Hi, I`m working on a fairly simple program, though obviously I
am stumped. In the following program I've used the syntax I
saw in similar (working) program. What I am trying to do is
read in information stored in an array of objects and use that
info to build an ntuple. I then want to simply draw the ntuple
in a histogram. I`m getting an sigmentation error on the line
lpntuple->Draw( bla ) ;

Thanks, Andy

By the way, I`m having trouble cutting and pasting code from
Emacs into this field -- if someone can tell me how to do that
I would be grateful. As a result of my inability to do this,
my code is attached. 

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