[ROOT] problem in using TGraphAsymmErrors::BayesDivide

From: Christian Hansen (christian.hansen@cern.ch)
Date: Sun Jul 04 2004 - 23:47:09 MEST

Dear Rooters,

I'm trying to check the difference between the efficiency 
errors using binominal equation and the results given from 
BayesDivide, but I get problems using BayesDivide...

In the attached file I'm defining one-dimensional histograms
and then trying to put them in a TGraphAsymmErrors with
BayesDivide in the following way:

 signalEfficiencyGraph->BayesDivide(signalPassedHist, signalTotHist);

But when running this in root 4.00/06 I get

 Error: Can't call TGraphAsymmErrors::BayesDivide(signalPassedHist,signalTotHist)

If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong here I would be
very greatful to get some help!!!

/ Christian Hansen
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