[ROOT] THtml

From: Diego Faso (faso@to.infn.it)
Date: Mon Jul 05 2004 - 11:44:48 MEST

Hello, I'm Diego Faso (University of Turin-Italy).
I'm using the "THtml" class to build the html documentation for my
I use the "gHtml->MakeClass("MyClass")" once for each class, but I
can't generate the html documentation for two of them (these 2 classes
contain more methods than the others).
Is there any limitation for the automatic html-doc generation of
a class regarding the number of methods or the dimension of the .h and
.cxx files?

My enviroment is:
 - linux red-hat 9.0
 - gcc 3.2.2
 - root 3.10/02

Thank you in advance.

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