[ROOT] Re: [ROOTDEV] how to run TMINUIT from a stand alone c++ class?

From: Rene Brun (brun@pcbrun.cern.ch)
Date: Fri Jul 09 2004 - 06:59:57 MEST

Hi Christian,

see example in  $ROOTSYS/test/minexam.cxx

Rene Brun

On Fri, 9 Jul 2004, Christian 
Hansen wrote:

> Dear Rooters,
> I'm trying to call TMinuit from a c++ class in a similar way
> that I've used TMinuit in a program called directly from 
> ROOT, but now I do not  know how to define the 'fcn' 
> function in order for TMinuit to recognice it with the 
> 	SetFCN(fcn)
> I've tried many different ways (attached is a small example)
> but my code does not want to compile. Could anyone help me how 
> to change this so that the attached code goes through the compilation?
> Thanks!!!

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