[ROOT] Streaming templated containers of pointers to disk (errata)

From: troy d straszheim (troy@ifh.de)
Date: Thu Jul 22 2004 - 17:08:20 MEST

what an awful mail that was.  I am a little frazzled.

> We have a template class, Container<T>, which contains a pointer to a 
> T, and two pointers to containers of T, one "left" and one "right".  
> you might imagine this class as a node in a binary search tree.

but of course not when there is a node pointed "to" by more than one 
node, as in this example

> establish that the automatically generated streamers properly handle 
> situations where there are more pointers than obects.

I mean, when one object is pointed "to" more than once.

> all three objects
four objects, obviously


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