[ROOT] Getline, libroot.shlibs

From: Alexander Bürger (buerger@iskp.uni-bonn.de)
Date: Sun Jul 25 2004 - 10:00:37 MEST


I have one bugfix and a "wishfix" suggestion:

in build/package/common/libroot.shlibs there are no entries for
libGed(Old), so the debian packages are without editor.

in clib/src/Getline.c there is a limit of 256 chars for the length of
lines being read back from the history file. As I seem to have lines
longer than that quite often, things get cut which is annoying. Therefore
I suggest to increase the limit a bit, e.g. to 4096 (it's used only while
reading anyway).

The diff I send is against 4.00.08.

Best wishes,


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